Seminar: The rule of law in the EU: lessons for the future?

A seminar organised by the Meijers Committe

The state of the rule of law in the EU has significantly deteriorated in recent years.The EU has various means at its disposal to take action against this deterioration of the rule of law, but their use is limited. Where they are used, they appear to be ineffective so far. The gradual dismantling of fundamental achievements in some Member States in relation to the rule of law situation is a cause of great concern to the Meijers Committee. Therefore, the Committee organizes a seminar on the rule of law in the European Union to learn what the lessons are for the future of the rule of law situation, where more action is needed and where coordination and cooperation is possible.

The Meijers Committee has invited three speakers to discuss relevant issues and promising tools for the current rule of law situation in Hungary and Poland. Our member John Morijn will lead the discussion.

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